A message from Sam Graham.

I support Kerri Evelyn Harris in her primary challenge to Senator Carper (DE) because I align with her progressive values and priorities.

Senator Carper has not shown any support for Medicare for All, Fight for 15, Public tuition covered by nominal tax on stock trades (0.1%) and bond transactions (.05%).

He voted against importing prescriptions from Canada to lower costs.

He voted for rollback on financial regulations put in place to prevent another economic disaster.

Meanwhile, Kerri has a history of actually serving others. During her service in the U. S. Air Force, she spent her free time working with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Katrina.

She’s no stranger to hard work and doing whatever it takes to get by. She is part of the 99% and understands the struggle. She worked at a Royal Farms convenience store selling fried chicken. She worked at an autobody shop.

She’s passionate about closing the gap for those who are being left behind as our country has devolved into an oligarchy.

She supports the Fight for 15, Universal Healthcare, Criminal Justice Reform, and a slew of other issues that I find to be logical progress for our country and its citizens.

She is up against a steep battle just to gain awareness as she’s in a primary race against an incumbent and she’s not recognized by the national establishment.

The Delaware Democratic Party has been very welcoming, which is refreshing. Still, it will not be an easy road.

She really needs your help as well, in whatever form you can offer. Whether that is phone banking, sharing her content, liking her Facebook page, or volunteering time to support the many many many activities to raise awareness among Delaware voters that will need to be successful to win this race.

Please go to her website (links below) to learn more and register your support after you like/follow her Facebook page.

You don’t have to be from Delaware to help. Plenty of work can be accomplished remotely.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can help you get in touch with the right people to answer them.

I’m excited to support a candidate who is dedicated to working for the people and am glad to say that Kerri is the real deal.

Follow Kerri on Facebook and learn more about her policy positions at the campaign website.

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