Health Justice

  • Healthcare is a human right, and Kerri supports the move to a single payer healthcare model.
  • Kerri will advocate for the dignity of seniors. She will fight for healthy conditions for both senior citizens and healthcare workers.
  • Reproductive rights are a necessary component to any healthcare system. This requires: safe and accessible abortions, repealing the Hyde Amendment, and well-funded social programs so that no one has to terminate a pregnancy due to economic hardship.
  • Every American wants a healthy and dignified standard of living, and this involves not only guaranteed health insurance but also addressing the systemic conditions that worsen health among disadvantaged populations: food deserts, domestic violence, pollution, abuse of elders and disabled people, etc.


  • Kerri believes in strong labor rights. She understands the value of collective bargaining and is staunchly pro-union.
  • Creating “jobs” is not enough: Delawareans need well-paying, safe, and non-exploitative jobs. Kerri will work to build Delaware’s economy through attracting industry and green collar jobs that provide a quality standard of living for workers.
  • Delaware has an important, longstanding history of agriculture. Kerri knows how valuable Delaware’s agricultural workers are to the state and will fight for fair pay, good working conditions, and environmental policies that preserve Delaware’s fertile soil and clean water.

Economic Justice

  • America was once looked at as a country of abundance. We still have an abundance of resources, we just need to do a better job of making sure that everyone has access to these resources. That’s why we must create a robust safety net.
  • Kerri supports a progressive tax code that will counter the country’s massive wealth inequality, as well as protect the working and middle classes.
  • The 2008 financial crisis was disastrous to many Americans, some of whom have still not recovered. Kerri will focus on protecting the economic security of ordinary Americans rather than protecting the unchecked power of the financial industry.
  • For too long, Delaware has placed the interests of large corporations above the material needs of ordinary citizens. We must rein in unchecked corporate welfare spending and instead create an economic system that supports ALL Delawareans.


  • Healthy and thriving communities start with our children. Kerri herself has experienced the difficulty of balancing several jobs with the need to pay for childcare. She will fight for Universal Pre-K and a well-funded public education system, as well as support for special education and IEPs.
  • The cost of U.S. higher education has crippled graduates’ economic prospects well into middle age. Our country must act to make higher education affordable and accessible to every person, no matter their socioeconomic status.
  • Just as we need to expand accessibility of higher education, so do we need to invest in our trade programs.


  • It is time for our country to get serious about investing in renewable energy. Kerri will fight for the funding and resources necessary to get Delawareans the training and opportunities for well-paying green jobs.
  • Many of the United States’s nuclear facilites are in dire need of repair, and Kerri believes that our government must finance the repair of these facilities to prevent future catastrophes.
  • Kerri stands vehemently opposed to fracking and off-shore drilling.
  • We must stop sacrificing the integrity of our water, air, and land quality for short-term profits. Kerri believes that the Keystone XL Pipeline should be halted, as it poses an environmental danger to the areas it passes through, provides no lasting benefits to our country, and treads on the treaties that our government previously formed with indigenous Americans.
  • Environmental degradation tends to impact our nation’s poor communities of color the hardest, but when our government officials sacrifice clean air, water, and fertile land for a quick profit, all Americans suffer.

Criminal Justice Reform

  • We cannot incarcerate our way out of crime; we must address root causes such as poverty, segregation, and the lack of availability of opportunity and jobs.
  • Kerri supports various policies and efforts to end mass incarceration, including:
    • Federal initiatives to end cash bail
    • The legalization of marijuana
    • Ending mandatory minimums in sentencing
    • Investing in rehabilitation and re-entry programs for incarcerated populations
    • Addressing prison overcrowding and lack of resources in Delaware’s own prison system, which has left many correctional officers overworked and underfunded, and many prisoners living in unsafe and inhumane conditions
  • Kerri is strongly opposed to the death penalty, which has historically been overapplied to people of color, poor people, and those with cognitive disabilities. Furthermore, death penalty cases require public funds that could otherwise be spent on projects for improving our infrastructure or providing healthcare.

Civil and Human Rights

  • Kerri believes that we should “support the troops” by not sending our military to occupy foreign countries or wage unjust wars; we must understand that every life is valuable and war causes long lasting trauma for many veterans as well as citizens of foreign countries.
  • The government should protect, not infringe upon, civil liberties. Legislation that allows and expands warrantless surveillance is wrong.
  • There is still work to do in fighting for a more just country. Together, we must work to dismantle structural and institutional discrimination such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. Ending discrimination is not a zero-sum game, and as long as some of our neighbors are suffering from bigotry, none of us are truly free.