Our Health Agenda

Health care is a right. Currently too many of our neighbors have to decide whether to go to the doctor or pay their rent. No matter one’s income, we have to work together to ensure people can get the treatment they need to thrive, tackle substance abuse issues, support their kids, and strengthen their communities.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Free access to a ”Medicare-for-All” system that includes dental and vision, while also expanding mental health
  • Allowing people to buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada
  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose
  • Eliminating racial and socio-economic disparities in the healthcare system
  • Protecting Medicaid funding
  • Preventing “Big Pharma” from price gouging
  • Increasing taxes and fees on opioids to pay for drug treatment and prevention (without costs being shifted to the consumer)
  • Banning “gag clauses” that stop pharmacists from sharing information about cheaper generic drugs with consumers

Our Economic Agenda

In Delaware, we have so many dedicated and hardworking individuals who want to put in a hard day’s work and all they ask is an honest day’s pay. One of the best ways to tackle crime, advance education for our youth, and have a bright financial future is to focus on fair jobs for all those who seek them.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour (and indexing it to inflation)
  • Earned sick leave for all workers
  • Paid parental leave for births and/or adoptions
  • A well designed job guarantee program (i.e. a job for anyone that seeks employment)
  • Expanding employee ownership centers and worker-owned cooperatives
  • Strengthening labor and union rights
  • Investing in infrastructure such as transportation systems, high-speed internet, flooding abatement, and water well systems.
  • Providing student loan forgiveness and reduction programs
  • Institute policy protections for those who live in mobile homes
  • Push for affordable rental housing

Our Criminal Justice Agenda

Currently, too many individuals, families, and communities suffer due to mass incarceration. Especially those who end up behind bars. They’ll go in with the prospect of being sentenced under a mandatory minimum. Then they’ll leave with the prospects of unemployment and low-wage work, despite having served their time in prison, which then costs us in terms of state assistance and loss of tax revenue. This is no way to treat our own. When our public safety and criminal justice system rely on smart, restorative practices rather than promoting high rates of imprisonment, then we improve safety for all.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • A restorative justice system, instead of a punitive-based system
  • Repealing the death penalty
  • Ending our cash bail system
  • Taxing and regulating marijuana
  • Ending the criminalization of private debt
  • De-escalation training and demilitarizing the police
  • Stopping mandatory minimums and excessive sentences
  • A culture of community policing
  • Strengthening re-entry programs
  • Dismantling the for-profit criminal justice system (and include retraining opportunities for personnel)

Our Education Agenda

We hear all the cliches about "children being the future" but words without action does not lead to excellence. We must invest in all children. Children in low-income areas and children of color should have access to high-quality education. When there is equity in education, then the playing field will become more leveled for all to find success in our State.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • High-quality universal public pre-K
  • Affordable college education
  • Equitable education funding to provide needed resources to all children
  • Ending the school-to-prison pipeline
  • Increasing teacher pay
  • School apprenticeship and trade programs
  • Diversity within the education system
  • Ending For-Profit Management of Public Schools

Our Environmental Justice Agenda

Our environment thrives when we have a long-term plan for the future, instead of just thinking of today. Future generations deserve to live in a world even better than ours, so we have to be good stewards to bring about a sustainable tomorrow.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Green jobs training for those who wish to transition
  • Reinvestment of subsidies for fossil fuel companies into renewable energy companies
  • Federal loan assistance for power plants to ensure they are structurally sound
  • Ensuring all people have access to clean air, water, and green space
  • Investment in public transportation and active transportation methods
  • Reduction of pollution and health hazards in low-income and communities of color
  • Preventing fracking and offshore drilling
  • Federal investment in farms that focus on organic farming

Our Good Government Agenda

Government has an active role to play in improving people’s lives. For too long, politicians have used government to advance their own political gains and big-money interests. Through some common sense reforms we can make sure our government advances justice for all.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Reducing fines and fees that disproportionately impact low-income people
  • Ending Citizens United and reducing the amount of money in politics
  • Protecting and expanding voting rights
  • Early voting and same day voter registration in all elections
  • Government contracts that are task-oriented and people-centric, rather than focused on corporate profits
  • A new budget process to focus on long-term priorities instead of short-term spending
  • An independent redistricting process
  • Abolishing ICE
  • Reinstating net neutrality

Our Human Rights and Equity Agenda

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice” said Martin Luther King Jr. While we have made strides for fairness and equity, we still have a long way to go to ensure every child, community, and identity gets every opportunity this great state has to offer.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Requiring large corporations to pay an “Equity Tax” for any workers receiving government assistance
  • Fighting for protection and expansion of civil rights
  • Standing against racial and religious bigotry
  • Protecting the rights of those without a home
  • Expanding LGBTQ rights (e.g. in the workplace, schools, etc.)
  • Fully funding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • Racial equity impact assessments when drafting and voting on policy
  • A fair pathway to citizenship
  • Supporting the Disability Integration Act of 2017

Our Financial Agenda

Economic inequality hurts everyone, whether you’re a working family or a large company. “Trickle-down” policies don’t work, so we must focus on “middle out” economic policies. Right now wealth is concentrated in the hands of a select few families and large corporations, while families across our state struggle to make ends meet. This is unacceptable. We need to ensure our financial systems support the interests of the average American, rather than shareholders of large companies.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Ensuring corporations pay their fair share of taxes
  • A progressive tax system
  • Taxing capital gains and dividends at the same level as income
  • A Wall Street speculation tax
  • Replacing the payroll tax cuts with targeted tax rebates to focus on increased hiring
  • Reinstating Glass-Steagall to separate commercial banking from investment banking
  • Simplifying regulations for small businesses and community banks
  • Foster a “middle out” economy

Our Gun Violence Reduction Agenda

Everyday we have arguments about where to point the finger for the cause of gun violence. Yet we miss the most important fact, and that's the fact that we lose innocent lives everyday. We need to balance the rights of individuals with the safety of the general public. We must enforce current laws and implement legislation in areas we are lacking. Whether a mass shooting or a steady stream of gun-related deaths in our neighborhoods, we are starting to become numb to them. We cannot delay, we must take vigorous action to handle the range of gun violence issues plaguing our communities.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Banning high capacity assault weapons and magazines
  • Prohibit firearms trafficking and institute stiffer penalties for straw purchases
  • Encourage repeal of "Stand Your Ground" laws
  • Expand preventative counseling and mental health treatment
  • Establish a waiting period of 14 days for all firearm purchases
  • Universal background checks for gun and ammo buyers
  • National database for guns and ammo

Our Military and Veterans Agenda

Those of us who have served in the military or have family members who have served, often feel that we’re given lip service, but very little actual focus on our issues. Why do so many come home from their service unable to find a job? Why do so many struggle to receive even basic health care? We have to do better in supporting those who serve.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Preventing privatization of the VA and expanded access to community health services
  • Streamline the VA disability application process
  • Preparing transition services for all military members to immediately move into the civilian workforce
  • Support to families of active military members
  • Maintaining caregiver programs and assistance
  • Expand mental health services for veterans
  • Advocate for preventative dental care for all veterans with disability ratings
  • Enhance services for children of service members born with disabilities
  • Ensure that military spending enhances the well-being of troops NOT corporations

Our Agriculture and Rural Economy Agenda

Too often we make policy that ignores our farmers and rural communities. We need thriving farms, healthy food, and clean water in all parts of our state. In particular we need to support our small operations as more and more mega-corporations take control. We need to protect families’ nutrition aid and important conservation programs.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Shifting subsidies to small family farmers instead of large corporations
  • Enforcing antitrust laws against agribusiness and food corporations
  • Independent processing and distribution businesses
  • Investment in broadband and high-speed internet services to rural areas
  • Supporting community banks to improve access to capital and financial services
  • Investment in research on how to enhance green farming techniques
  • A program for migrant farmworkers to support the agricultural community
  • Providing incentives to farmers that invest in green farming techniques

Our Foreign Affairs Agenda

We must exhaust all diplomatic solutions before resorting to military action. All too often the unintended consequences of military conflict leave behind remnants of crumbling infrastructure and human lives in need of repair. When legislators fail to properly consider the consequences of their foreign policy decisions, we risk American and foreign lives. We also risk our national security and the balance of power throughout the world. Broken governments and feelings of resentment create breeding grounds for terrorist ideology, broken alliances, and corporate globalization. If we work with our international partners we can end global poverty, while ensuring mutual prosperity and security.

Delaware, let’s Dare to Act for:

  • Emphasizing diplomacy first and making war a last resort
  • Fair trade agreements rather than corporate trade agreements
  • Building a peaceful and secure solution for Israel and Palestine
  • Ending arms sales to authoritarian countries
  • Working directly with developing countries to increase their self-sufficiency
  • Strengthen international alliances to ensure mutual security and development