Harris talks a lot about the price of everyday household items. Diapers. Gas. Groceries. “Three dollars,” she recites often, recalling the price of bread. A trivial amount to some. But as Harris points out, that’s half-an-hour of work at the federal minimum wage. A box of diapers is two hours of work. Child care, she says, costs easily one week of wages. Doing this practical math, it’s easy to see how quickly expenses add up, and how little $15 an hour really is. The problem, she says, is that people have too much experience in Washington, and not enough experience with the value of a dollar. “They’re telling you that you don’t know the answers to your community,” she said last night. “They’re telling us that we don’t know how to stretch a dollar? They’re millionaires who can’t balance the budget!”

Source: The Intercept

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